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I’m Leah.

Currently a children’s pastor and a part-time barista, I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Some people use words or music to share their story and to share their experiences of the world.


Me, I use paint.

You see, life is both beautiful and tragic. It is filled with momentous occasions or mundane, everyday tasks. It is filled with love and it is filled with pain. 


Life is not simply black or white, but is an array of colour.  And painting is where I get to experience the spectrum of colour that it gives, those emotions, those experiences. To evoke a feeling. To bring to life seemingly ordinary objects or to magnify the wonder of others. And still, to share some of life's sorrows and darkness. 


My hope as an artist is to create original art where others can behold such joy or sorrow, beauty or devastation, wonder or reverence. To create works of art that share a story.  

I want to embrace the beautiful chaos that is this life in a way I know how.

Because painting is a means to share whats bigger than me, a story much greater than just mine.                



 Meet the Fam!

Well, not my family per se, but one that is dear to me! I would like to introduce you to Jen and Raz Iacob and their growing family. They live in Romania and are working to help break the cycle of poverty, abuse, school-abandonment and human trafficking among the poor. They are also working to place abandoned children into forever families, bringing hope to so many. Wow, right?


A few years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Romania for two weeks. and live alongside Jen, Raz and their boys along with the rest of my team.

I saw firsthand the struggles and hardships, as well as the joy, that accompanies the work they do. And when I left Romania after those two weeks, a piece of my heart stayed behind.


To do a small part in supporting my Romanian family, for every piece of art that I sell, a percentage will be going towards the good work they are doing in Romania. 


If you are interested in learning more about this or how you can help, contact me below! 

Interested in some original art? Want to commission one?
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